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2021 auctions : Longyearbyen sold for 18 ethereum (72500 USD)
Limon Wind — Central Business District, Denver, CO, USA (Permanent)

Seismic Echo — Sunny Isles Beach, FL, USA (Permanent)
Amagasaki Time Capsule — Amagasaki, Japan (Permanent)
Harvard Time Capsule — Harvard University, Alston, MA, USA (Permanent)
Singapore Energy — Singapore, Singapore (Permanent)
Holland Tunnel — Meatpacking District, New York, NY, USA (Permanent)
Different but the Same: City in the Forest — 250 Williams St, Atlanta, GA (Permanent)

Svalbard Ice — Christie's, New York, NY, USA (Exhibition)
Climate Chance Series — TEFAF, New York, NY, USA 
Pulse — Hudson Yards, New York, NY, USA (Permanent)
Awaken — Empire Stores, Brooklyn, NY, USA  (Exhibition)
Multiply — Empire Stores, Brooklyn, NY, USA  (Exhibition)
Pool — Christie’s, New York, NY, USA  (Exhibition)
Echo  — Christie’s, New York, NY, USA  (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 40 — Tel Aviv, Israel (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 40 — Madrid, Spain (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 75 — Landmark, Boston, NY, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 24 — Momeni, Hamburg, Germany (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 40 — Houston Space Center, Houston, TX, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — Villain, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — WeWork, New York, NY, USA (Permanent)
Brixel Mirror — SSN, Atlanta, GA, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — Linq, Las Vegas, NV, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 65 — Arborcrest, Blue Bell, PA, USA  (Permanent)

Flip-Discs 45 — WNDR Museum, Chicago, IL, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 28 — Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 32 — Fidelity, Jacksonville, FL, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 24 — Netapp, Sunnyvale, CA, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 40 — World Trade Center, New York, NY, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — Accenture, Atlanta, GA, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 10 — Loan Depot, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Permanent)

Flip-Discs 15 — Art Basel, Miami, FL, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 24 — Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 32 — Fidelity, Jacksonville, FL, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 40 — NYSE, New York, NY, USA (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 15 — Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, MI, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 24 — Google, Moscow, Russia (Exhibition)
Flip-Discs 10 — 715 Peachtree, Atlanta, GA, USA (Permanent)
Flip-Discs 55 — Playground, Palo Alto, CA, USA (Permanent)


la success story

Leurs oeuvres monumentales sont visibles partout dans le monde, certaines sont vendues aux enchères d'autres présentes dans des musées ou dans de grandes sociétés. Depuis quelques années ils développent des oeuvres de dimensions moins spectaculaire afin d'intégrer les intérieurs plus conventionnels. Mêmes si les oeuvres, elles, restent étonnantes.

A noter la vente aux enchères chez Christie's New York en décembre 2019 qui à vu l'un des flip-discs se vendre à 50.000 dollars (frais inclus). 

Their monumental works are visible all over the world, some are sold at auction, others are displayed in museums or in large companies. In recent years they have been developing works of less spectacular dimensions in order to integrate more conventional interiors. Even if the works, themselves, remain astonishing.

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