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Galerie Harmattan

40, rue Saint Jean 74120 Megève FRANCE

Tel. +33 (0)6 67 01 93 81


YaNn Perrier’s work is exported all around the World. And if I had a destination to illustrate this, I can’t see a better one than Australia!

Which country is the furthest from our?

Everybody loves the transparent spheres of YaNn Perrier. And when they cross oceans, others emphasize them bysubtle and refined ways we do not necessarily imagine here.

I received a few days ago these pictures from my client, showing the place where lives the ball # 855 in ivy tree, gold leaf and Terre d’Ombre (redish pigment made from terracotta). It is always a pleasure to see beautiful pieces in beautiful interiors, but this time the client had pushed the idea to an end : a work of art is beautiful in itself of course, nevertheless its staging is something that has to be done carefully. She therefore appealed to her architect, Mark Gacesa, to achieve the pedestal of the ball. I got a little later an email from Mark, marking his astonishment and his delight watching such a piece of art.

Meanwhile, I went to see Mark’s company’s website « ULTRASPACE ». Having received a compliment from a man with such a good reputation and who has made so beautiful houses… this touched me right in the heart.

I look at the lighted refined pedestal with those inverted pyramids made with marquetry. I look at the richness of the setting around and the delicacy of the ball … it’s all about beauty. I can only thank my client, his architect and Yann Perrier for allowing each others to create such beauty!

 If you need the specifications of the pedestal just send me a message to get in touch with Mark Gacesa, or contact him via his website.


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