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Galerie Harmattan

40, rue Saint Jean 74120 Megève FRANCE

Tel. +33 (0)6 67 01 93 81

Parish Gallery parle de Papisco KUDZI

Papisco Kudzi states, « I paint with acrylic because it dries fast and draws me into a painting process strengthening my concentration, forcing me to constantly make aesthetic decisions. I also incorporate textured paper, wood, wire, and other hardware as they help me describe a world beneath the world. » His collage, heterogeneous colors, painting old scrap and rubbish reveal his inner desert world and change according to the way his eye and spirit react to the paint process.

Papisco Kudzi was born in the Togolese Republic in 1972. In 1995 he started to exhibit his works in his homeland of Togo. Since then his works have been shown internationally in Germany, Austria, Gabon, France, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Taiwan, Brussels, Switzerland, Croatia, Estonia and Monaco.

Mr. Kudzi moved to the United States seven years ago and now resides in Forestville, MD. His works have been shown at the French Embassy in Washington, DC, with the National Capital Park and Planning Commission in Maryland, Touchstone Gallery, and in a Folk Art Exhibition in Fort Washington, MD.

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